Bringing people together through Japanese Tradition Present Japanese Tradition to the Future

Our mission is to pass down traditional Japanese activities and customs to the next generation.

In Japan, people have expressed wishes and hopes for children in special events and occasions
through decorating craftworks such as Hagoita, Hamayumi, Hina-Dolls and Gogatsu-Dolls,
and mourned people by setting Bon-Lanterns.

These products are closely related to Japanese traditional lifestyle,
which shows how Japanese people care about their family and relatives.

We will pass down traditional Japanese culture and customs to the next generation.
We will create a future where families are closely related and where there is a sweet home.
We will constantly challenge and improve ourselves to inherit Japanese cultural to the next generation.



We will ever evolve, to create things that never change.

Deep inside our culture there are things that never change.
Our aim is to create the connection with this tradition with the modern world.

As the leading company, we challenge on innovating new cultural value
through beautiful craftworks.

Here, we will demonstrate our innovative approach
with three main keywords, Business, Culture and Society.

Traditional Craft × Business

No matter how valuable the industry is, it is impossible to inherit if it is not successful as a business.
We challenged ourselves by restructuring the old business model in the traditional craft making industry,
from three different approaches.

Firstly, by reshaping the distribution system, we trimmed down the cost and improved the quality of our products.
Secondly, we improved the experience and increased the occasion for people to actually face our products.
Finally, through marketing it became possible for us to create products that trigger people's desire and needs.

Traditional Craft × Culture

One of our top priority, is to convey Japanese tradition from Yame Fukuoka to Japan and to the world.

We push forward the boundaries of our products by holding cultural events
for people from different generation, culture and country.
We have collaborated with Fashion Designer Kansai Yamamoto's international fashion show,
and also have presented Hagoita to the Principality of Monaco and to Republic of the Union of Myanmar in 2014.

We are always enthusiastic about spreading our traditional culture to new people and societies.
To inherit traditional culture, it is essential to keep creating excitement and attracting people.

Traditional Craft × Social

We are aware that people's way of living have dramatically changed
and that this has been causing great difficulties in various different areas.
We are always questioning ourselves, what can we do to create a better society?

Since we are one of the leading company in the traditional craft industry,
we understand that creating a better life in both universal and local scale is one of our social responsibility.
We actively approach for social contributions through various different ways.
For instance, undertaking donation for UNICEF through Demowa Brand products,
participating in local events such as Yame bonbori Festival and Hina No Kuni Kyusyu.

We are also active on providing training and educational programs for younger generation,
since we understand that one of our most important social role is to inherit skill and knowledge to the younger generations.



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/ Fujiki crafts industry Co., Ltd.
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